Why You Should Use Native Plants When Landscaping

Native plants are used in home landscaping. For instance, with a pond in your yard, having a floating wetland can be a good way to make your home attractive. Floating wetlands also improve the quality of water in your pond. Moreover, to have a decent floating wetland, most native planting experts recommend use of plants native to your neighborhood. Why do they recommend using native plants and not any other plant species? Read on.

Top reasons to use native plants


In any home, maintaining the lawns and keeping plants szcdcsdvcshealthy requires a significant amount of fertilizers and pesticides. It is a well-known fact that most suburban gardens have a high concentration of chemicals compared to that found in farmlands. Using native plants not only reduces the level in your lawns but that in your ponds in the case of a floating wetland. This makes your home a healthy living place.

They help the climate

Doing your landscaping with native plants is a good way of combating climate change. With native plants, you do not need to be troubled noise and sound pollution caused by a lawn mover. This is achieved in two ways. First, you do not need to keep trimming your yard. Secondly, native plants are efficient at absorbing and storing greenhouse gasses responsible for climate change.


Planting native plants improve the over the beauty of your home. This is attributed to the fact that most native plants are very colorful. Moreover, seasonal changes in color end up making your home very attractive. Besides, most native plants require little maintenance once they are established. If you are looking for a way to enhance the aesthetics of your home, planting native plants are the way to go.

Water conservation

It is the very nature of native plants to consume fewer amounts of water. This is attributed to the fact that they are adapted to local environmental conditions. Consequently, this would mean reduced usage of water, money and most importantly conservation of natural resources.


szdcsdeawNative plants offer the ideal environment for birds, fish, and other domestic animals. For instance, they provide nectar for butterflies that are required to make your garden colorful. When used in a floating wetland, they also make water safe for fish and other animals in your pond.

Landscaping choices have a real effect on the environment you create at home. As such, homeowners can make everything right for them by using native plants. To this, you need to work with a local landscaping professional to discover the plants that can be ideal.…

October 16, 2017

Great Garden Design Tips

July 17, 2017

Whether you want to have a brand new landscape and garden design, or you want to overhaul the existing one; there are tips that can make it easier for you. The following tips can help you get a dramatic and fresh look for the garden design. Ensure that you have such tips in mind.

How to design your garden

Whole picture

As far as gatg23wedf6y2we7du28i22rden design is concerned, ensure you look at the whole area. The part of the garden, which you are working on should mess with other parts. If you have the picture at the start, you can have a good plan for your garden as a whole.

Tools and equipment

You need to use the right tools. “Beeteinfassungen aus verschiedensten Materialien sind für uns kein Problem. Aus diesem Grund bieten wir Rasenkanten in den Materialien Metall, Cortenstahl, Edelstahl, Aluminium, verzinktem Stahlblech sowie Kunststoff, Holz und Stein.” In this way, you can take your garden or landscape design to another level.

Plant height

If you want to add some new plants, you need to judge their tallness. You should know how tall they can grow and the width of possible footprint you need. This can give you a sparse garden, to begin with. When the plants grow, you will be happy with what you will see.

Wide flower beds

If you want to have flower beds, the wider the flower beds are, the more attractive they become. A wide bed can give you a lush look at the garden and ensure you have an arranged sprawl of plants to choose. This will save you from an appearance that is geometric or harsh.tg23edf6cy23w7eu28i2

Clean lines

When laying out a decorative edging or plotting out the flower beds, ensure the lines are very clean. You need to avoid lines, which are quite complex and even avoid that zig-zag or wiggle. For geometric shapes, the line of flower beds ought to be straight.

Color planning

When doing your garden design, you need to think about the colors, which appeal to you. Other than the colors of flowers you have chosen, you should not forget colors of plants. In this way, you can have an explosion of amazing colors during the growing season.

Anchor your garden

When you want to make a uniform garden design, your garden ought to have an excellent focal point. Whether it is a small fountain, bench, or lovely trellis, you need to take the time to plan where it should be located.…